Electricians near Killara

Killara is a popular suburb in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. Families and commuters love to call the area home, thanks to its close location to Sydney’s CBD, great public transport system, and amenities like a golf course at walking distance. A safe neighbourhood with great schools and a low crime rate, Killara is attractive for nature lovers thanks to the diverse bushland and nature trails nearby.

With over 60 years of experience being your local, professional electrician in Killara, M.E. Ward is ready to help you. If you’ve got a problem with your home or office electrics, or you need a specially licensed Level 2 electrician or strata electrical professional, give us a call. We’ll get you back on track fast.

When Do I Need an Electrician in Killara?

You’ll need to call an electrician in Killara if you experience any of the following:

  • Outages
  • Equipment blackouts
  • Flickering lights
  • Burning smells
  • Faulty outlets and switches
  • Malfunctioning electrical equipment
  • Appliance issues

It’s also a good idea to give an electrician a call if you want to install new appliances, add LED lighting, or conduct renovations. Bringing an electrician on board early can help you navigate through the technicalities of your project, and ensure that all work is done safely and efficiently.

If you experience an electrical emergency, give our 24/7 emergency electricians a call.

Why Choose M.E Ward?

There are many reasons to choose M.E. Ward for your next electrical service. For starters, our team is pretty knowledgeable on all areas of electrical work and can provide cost-effective, high-quality solutions with ease. Our commitment to exceptional customer service guarantees that you will receive prompt, professional, and friendly service every time.

A Courtesy Call Before Every Job

Don’t settle for lackluster customer service. At M.E. Ward, you’re our number one priority. We’ll call you a couple of hours before the job to give you an update on where we’re at and how we’re tracking. 

If we get held up, we’ll give you another ring to touch base with an updated arrival time. You’ll never be left hanging, and we’ll always get the job done.

Professional, Licensed Technicians

We’re fully qualified, licensed, and insured. Got a complex electrical problem or need some overhead wiring tackled? No stress! We’ve got Level 2 licensed electricians on call to assist with all of your needs. 

Trained to tackle any residential, commercial, strata, and Level 2 electrical challenges, we’ll provide a tailored solution within budget for your needs.

A Proud Family-Owned Business

As an Australian family-owned local business, we have a unique passion for serving our community in Killara. We’re involved in many local organisations,  schools, and charities.

We’re committed to excellence and professional service, and these pillars form the foundation of our business. These values are upheld through everything we do, from the moment you contact us to when we complete the job.