Level 2 ASP Electricians servicing Sydney and surrounding areas

LEVEL 2 service provider for Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy networks

A level 2 electrician is qualified and authorised to do installations, repairs and maintenance work on overhead and underground services that run between the customer (home or business) and the electrical supply network. This includes disconnecting, reconnecting, upgrading and metering to homes and businesses from the electrical network.


Level 2 electrical services

As a Level 2 accredited electrician, we are able to repair and upgrade the point of attachment to your home. The point of attachment is the first connection point on your property that comes from the street. This could be a bracket on your house, a pole A, or a turret/pit in your front yard. If you require this to be upgraded or repaired, only a Level 2 electrician such as M.E. Ward Pty Ltd are authorised to do this type of work.

M.E. Ward Pty Ltd are able to install private power poles if required.If you require a power pole or replacement, call M.E. Ward Pty Ltd.

Officers from Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy will conduct routine inspections of their network supply to your property. If you are issued with an electrical defect notice, in most cases you will require a Level 2 electrician to rectify the defects and to ensure your house is electrically compliant to the current Australian Standard. complete the repairs needed to ensure your bring your electrical _ complies work up to scratch. M.E. Ward Pty Ltd are on call 7 days a week.

The consumer mains run from the point of attachment to the main switchboard. For these to be installed, repaired or worked on, you require a Level 2 ASP electrical contractor such as M.E. Ward Pty Ltd.

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