Electrical Services, Turramurra

Hiring a domestic electrician in Turramurra offers many benefits for homeowners. In this guide, we’ll explore what domestic electricians do, the benefits of using them, and when to call one. 

For Turramurra residents, M.E. Ward offers professional residential electrical services that are tailored to your needs and budget. With over 60 years of experience serving the Sydney area, our team is on call 24/7 to help you. 

What Does a Domestic Electrician in Turramurra Do?

Domestic electricians serve the needs of homeowners and can help you with anything from appliance installations to major rewiring projects.

Anytime you’re looking to add sockets or complete a home reno job, it’s a good idea to bring a domestic electrician on board to help with compliance adherence and reduce future costly headaches.

Benefits of a Domestic Electrician:

  • Can quickly get residential electrical projects up to code
  • In-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations
  • Experts at rewiring homes, can help you get complex projects done quickly and efficiently
  • Can recommend energy-saving solutions for your home
  • Have access to special tools and equipment to complete high-quality electrical services
  • Save you time and money in long-term repairs

Domestic Electricians vs Strata Electricians

A lot of people confuse domestic electricians with strata electricians, and it’s true there’s a lot of crossover since both focus on electrical systems within residential or multi-unit buildings, but they serve distinct purposes.

You’ll usually find strata electricians in Turramurra working on multi-unit strata properties, addressing the needs and challenges of multi-resident units. Their responsibilities encompass the upkeep of shared electrical spaces such as hallways and offices. They also handle tasks like intercom installation, lighting upgrades, and maintenance, as well as conducting safety inspections in compliance with strata rules and regulations.

Domestic electricians, on the other hand, focus on individual residential properties. On the day-to-day, key tasks they complete include wiring homes, installing lights and switches, moving sockets, electrical panel upgrades, switchboard upgrades, and appliance repairs.

They share the same skills but differ in who they serve and the industries they work in. Working with an experienced strata electrician can save property managers time and money, and help them adhere to strict safety regulations and ensure high-quality workmanship. 

Domestic electricians, by contrast, will work to help homeowners cut energy costs through improving energy efficiency and can help rewire electrical systems in a home. If you’re looking for either in Turramurra, M.E. Ward can help. We’ve got licensed level 2 electricians ready to help you on call today. 

When Do You Need a Domestic Electrician?

A trusted local electrician in Turramurra should be called to conduct regular home maintenance, safety checks, appliance repairs, rewiring, and other electric services. 

You can call us if you need help with

  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Pool lighting and maintenance
  • Adding sockets and outlets
  • Fixing exposed wiring
  • Conducting safety inspections
  • Any electrical upgrades
  • Adding data cabling
  • Repairing and installing electrical appliances

When to Call an Emergency Electrician in Turramurra

If you think you need us, never hesitate to give us a call. You aren’t wasting our time; an electrical emergency can quickly turn into a serious fire hazard if left unchecked. 

Call us if you experience any of the following:

  • Weird burning smells coming from sockets, lights, and other appliances
  • Your lights start flickering
  • You experience a power outage or blackout, even if it’s just in one room
  • Your safety switch keeps tripping
  • Electrical sparks or smoke coming from outlets or light switches

Emergency Electricians Can Help With:

Burning smells? Got a socket that’s sparking? Can’t get your cooker or oven to work right? Give our skilled electricians in Turramurra a call. From flickering lights to electrical outages, our team is on hand 24/7 (yes, even on Christmas!) to help you with any issues.

We can help with:

  • Switchboard faults
  • Tripped circuits, blackouts, and faulty appliances
  • Exposed wires and other hazards
  • Storm damage
  • Insurance callouts
  • Other urgent issues, like electric shocks and power surges.

Give us a ring at (02) 9875 5533 to get a level 2 emergency electrician on their way to you ASAP. 

Facts About Turramurra:

  • In the local Indigenous Australian language, ‘Turramurra’ means big hill. The area is known for its vibrant, hilly bushwalking trails. 
  • The area was settled in 1822 and the first European settlers were avid timber-getters. Thomas Boyd was given the land on the west side of Lane Cove Road in 1839, turning it into small orchards in 1855. Boyd Street in Turramurra is an ode to this history. 
  • The First Nations people of the area were called the Tarramerregal people, who were avid hunter-gatherers, and expert fishermen. 
  • Over 40 shops and 20 restaurants are in the area, which boasts good public transportation. 

Get started:

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