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M.E. Ward have over 60 years of experience in electrical safety switch installation, replacement and repairs in Sydney and surrounding.

A safety switch is a device that is installed in your homes electrical switchboard that very quickly turns off the electricity if an electrical short or trip is detected at a power point. By turning off the electricity when a short is detected, you are protected from serious electrocution. In fact, it only takes around 0.03 seconds for the safety switch to turn off the electricity.

What does a safety switch do, and how does it protect my family?

A safety switch monitors the flow of electricity, both input and output, so if there is an imbalance of any kind, the supply is turned off. The most common reason electricians are called out are safety switches that have turned off the electricity. To the customer, it seems the electricity does not work, however the safety switch that has turned it off is indicating that there is a wire that is shorting or some kind of other electrical appliance causing the trip. By turning off the electrical supply when a short is detected, your family is protected from electrocution which would otherwise happen if you did not have safety switches installed.

What kind of appliances can cause an electrical trip, or activation of the safety switch?

Basically any electrical appliance in your home or office can cause the safety switch to trip the power, however some of the most common ones include:

If I have safety switches, how do I know they are working?

This is a very good question, because if your safety switches are not functioning correctly, the results can prove fatal if you ever actually need their protection. So one thing you can do to test if your safety switches are working is simply go to your home or offices electrical switchboard, and on the safety switch, there will be a button to test. Simply press the button, and if it is working it should turn off the electricity supply. If on the other hand it does not turn off the electricity, then it could be faulty. In this case, you should call a licensed electrician like ME Ward to come out and inspect your safety switches.

If you have damaged, faulty, or no safety switches at all, you should call M.E. Ward today to come and assist you with rectifying your safety switch problems

If your safety switches are proving to be faulty or damaged (based on testing them as described previously), then you should call ME Ward today to come and help get them fixed (or replaced). However if you don’t have any installed at all, then call us immediately to come and install them for you.

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